Friday, October 24, 2008

Camper Twins!

It's official, I am completely obsessed with Camper Twins. What are they? They are pairs of shoes that, as the website describes it, are 'complimentary but not identical'. Sometimes the two shoes are just variations on the same design- for example, I have a pair of Camper Twin Cameo flats (pictured on my feet above) with a boy silhouette on one shoe and a girl's silhouette on the other, and when you put your feet together the two appear to be leaning towards one another (about to kiss?)- insanely cute! Another pair I found has a red star pattern than overlaps the toes of both shoes . The best pair they currently offer is this pair of brogue style heels with skinny offset laces in tiny eyelets, which each share 1/2 half of a placket!

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