Tuesday, March 2, 2010

end of winter ball-y sweaters!

March is here at last! Spring is right around the corner...but if you live in a place like Michigan, winter last a really long time! And near the end of the season, your sweaters (which might've been pristine and new in the fall or at Xmas) may look, well, a bit mangy. Those little annoying pills! My favorite Topshop sweater has a nasty case of pilling already, and I just bought it in December! Or worse yet, the wool sweaters may end up moth eaten before next year! So before you put your sweaters away ( or mix them in with your awesome new early spring pieces) here are a few things you may want to pick up to keep those sweaters looking fancy and new-

Whitmore fabric shaver , $14.99, Target (online only)- no more ball-y sweaters!

Cedar "moth balls", $3.99 each, The Container Store- an safe, pleasant smelling natural alternative to traditional moth balls (which smell bad and are poisonous!), that will keep the moths from snacking on your wool sweaters without that mothball stink!

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